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"We had no prior experience with U.S. Colo, and would only be meeting them for the first time after arriving on-site. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our equipment had already been racked and stacked, with power connected to it.

From that moment, it was just excellent and close attention from U.S. Colo for every little piece of assistance we needed, e.g., screw drivers, screws, tie-wraps, power strips, wireless access, fibre patch cords, etc., which made our installation and deployment that much easier.

Their dedication to work throughout the night and over the weekend to ensure our circuits were cabled, tested and commissioned was very surprising and refreshing for a data centre provider today. It also didn't hurt that they took me around and helped me find good restaurants and shopping places in the city, as well as witness their ever - expanding facilities in Los Angeles.

In general, U.S. Colo met and exceeded all our expectations. I would recommend them to any service and content provider, large and small. I look forward to working with their team in the future."
— M. T.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Our company is based in India and I was looking for a good colocation centre for our wholesale VOIP business …. I choose Los Angeles / California because of the immense Internet and IT INfrastructure it has … and One Wilshire because its one of the biggest Telecom Hubs of the World .. ” I visited couple of colos in and around One Wilshire and when I met Haji I immediately knew it was him whom i was looking at … The staff there is so supportive and co-ordinating that I never realised I was doing business sitting in India .. with the whole infrstructure located ten thousand miles away … I am thankful to Haji and his team who has helped me to grow from a 1/3rd rack unit business to a fully loaded 3 rack cage within one year ”
— P.S.
Mumbai, India

"Recently I needed a Sysmaster box installed in our Los Angeles POP ( Point of Presence ) site at U.S. Colo. I asked the manufacturer to ship the item directly to U.S. Colo and their technician promptly installed and make it online so that I could work on it remotely. Being based in Budapest, Hungary, remote assistance is a great deal for me and surely U.S. Colo deliver the expert support that I need".
— S. P.
Budapest, Hungary

“From the very beginning, we were treated with complete professionalism and courtesy. Working with U.S. Colo has been tremendous. They’ve got terrific service, they’re a great team to work with, and we owe them a lot of thanks. When there were problems, they’ve been there, single phone call; never a question of who’s at fault; never a question of anything other than just get the service up. We now know, without a doubt, that we have chosen our partner wisely”.
— R.
Los Angeles, CA

"We have been a customer of U.S. COLO since 2002 and have been very satisfied with the services that have been provided to us. From co-location services as well as technical support, U.S. COLO has lived up to our expectations as a premiere co-location facility service provider. One very good example is when we decided to move our POP from Quinby to One Wilshire. Although we had sufficient time to prepare for the move, U.S. COLO's technical group of Bong, Jess and the rest of the guys made it even easier to implement the transfer. Bong and Jess even extended assistance during the actual transfer, which took place in the early hours of the morning. The move was done almost seamlessly. Thanks for to the efforts of these guys! Kudos to Haji and the rest of the U.S. COLO team! We hope that you continue to provide the prompt and efficient service and support that we have experienced throughout the years".
— R. L. B.
San Ramon, CA

"We have implemented a number of PoPs in various co-location facilities worldwide and without question U.S. COLO has provided us with the best service to date. Instead of simply being a seller of colo space with some racks and power like so many facilities we've experienced, U.S. COLO displayed a real understanding of what we were trying to achieve and provided us with whatever resources we needed to get our installation up and running as quickly as possible. This varied from simple provision of tools to help with the installation to the provision of a brand new server within four hours of asking. Ongoing support is equally impressive. The competent engineers make resolving network problems much simpler and more than make-up for not having our own local engineers".
— J. S.
London, UK
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"We can’t say enough good things about U.S. Colo. They have what is most important: superior customer service. Our customers were demanding bandwidth, and we were starting to lose some of them because we couldn't get our connections brought up through a competitor of U.S. Colo’s. I lucked into finding U.S. Colo and within 3 hours they had us setup with bandwidth and rack space. They also had somebody help us move our servers!

Later that night I locked myself out of my rack around 1:00 am, and one of their reps came from home to unlock my cabinet for me. During the night I also unplugged our Internet connection to move some servers, and a few minutes later someone from U.S. Colo called and said "Did you know your servers stopped responding to ping? Just checking to make sure you are ok." I have never seen such great customer service in the co-location industry. I want to keep these guys a secret."
— D.B.

"Being a telecommunication company established in the Middle-East and Europe we looked for co-location facilities to host our USA POP. We found U.S. Colo in down-town LA. From day one, U.S. COLO promised a lot … however they have delivered all their promises. As a matter of fact, U.S. Colo team in general and Mr. Haji in particular are very dedicated to their customers and made our satisfaction as customers a top priority. In addition to this, throughout our experience in co-location facilities, we have never seen any company giving us the level of flexibility that U.S. COLO is giving to its customers going to the point of calling Mr. Haji himself at very early morning hours and finding him available to help in no time. As a summary, we are very comfortable with U.S. COLO and we do recommend it to any person looking to co-locate."
— J.B.I.
Beirut, Lebanon

"When you absolutely need to have something fixed at 3 o'clock in the morning, this is the only company to use. When we being attacked and requested an upstream blockage of IP addresses they had it done within minutes of our email. U.S. Colo is a company you can count on when your business has to be up 24/7. They have been our remote hands for the last year and we sleep better knowing that we use U.S. Colo. Great facility, helpful people, and winning prices".
— A. H.
Los Angeles, CA

"After thorough research to find a collocation company to host our switch, we decided to go with U.S. COLO. It turned out that it was one of the best decisions we made, as we became a facilities based carrier. Not only does U.S. COLO have one of the most competitive cost structures, but they also provide exceptional tech support and advice. U.S. COLO's president is very professional and assigns tasks to his engineers rapidly and checks back with us to make sure that these tasks are accomplished to our satisfaction. It is truly a delight to work with professional people such as the people of U.S. COLO".
— S. M. M., Ph.D.
Chicago, IL

"Our company recently purchased two IBM eSeries Servers and sent them directly to our facility site at U.S. COLO. We asked their support people if they could install Fedora Core software in the servers based on the configuration that we need. U.S. COLO technicians had them installed, configured and made it available online quickly. We were very grateful and satisfied with their services as they save us a lot of time and effort in commissioning our projects".
— R. H.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Recently we purchased some new equipment and asked the techs at U.S. COLO to install and program the equipment. In no time they had it installed and programmed. This is nothing that surprised us, as in the past, whether it was to install and program equipment, trouble shoot a problem or just reboot our equipment, the staff at U.S. COLO is always there to take care of our needs. Although we are a local Los Angeles company we very rarely have to go to U.S. COLO to maintain our equipment".
— B. G.
Woodland Hills, CA
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